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Araani - Video smoke detection for critical environments

Founded in 2014, Araani is a Belgian video analytics company and the developer of SmokeCatcher. Araani’s mission is to guarantee business continuity and fire safety for companies that operate in critical and demanding environments.

Critical environments

SmokeCatcher is a reliable early warning system for smoke detection in critical indoor environments. Adding the proven and tested SmokeCatcher video analytics to your visual security camera enables you to detect smoke superfast. This is especially the case in places where traditional smoke detection systems fail due to slow detection or too many false alarms:

  • Harsh environments: SmokeCatcher works flawlessly in environments where chemicals, dust or vapor are present every day. Unlike traditional smoke detection systems, SmokeCatcher does not generate false alarms because of these phenomena.
  • High-impact & high-risk environments: Even a small fire can have big consequences, both in high-impact and high-risk environments (e.g. chemical plants). Traditional smoke detectors might only get activated when the damage is already done. Control room operators in high-risk environments need to know exactly what is going on, whether they are dealing with a real or a false alarm. Thanks to the visual nature of video smoke detection, they can make better decisions and take the appropriate safety measures.
  • For great heights: SmokeCatcher is ideal for use in tall buildings or large indoor spaces. In these environments, smoke might never reach your traditional smoke detector, because of a process called stratification, which stops the upward movement of smoke.

Enabling better decisions

Video smoke detection by SmokeCatcher is a perfect fit for a wide range of critical environments where conventional technologies will fall short. Because of its visual nature, SmokeCatcher can spot initiating fires directly at the source, practically from any distance. This is a huge speed advantage compared to smoke detection technologies that need to make physical contact with the smoke, such as beam or point detectors. With SmokeCatcher, there is no need to wait until the smoke has reached the ceiling. This is time gained for anyone who needs to make tough decisions about the required actions that need to be taken to avoid further fire and smoke damage.

A detection system that generates too many false alarms will become useless and ignored in the long run. SmokeCatcher video smoke detection technology on the other hand can effectively filter out non-relevant events, such as dust, vapor or human movement.

False alarm or not, probably the biggest advantage of video smoke detection technology is that it gives the operator room for interpretation. Since it is so fast and since it allows for visual verification, SmokeCatcher provides the operator with valuable time to make a well-founded decision. That decision could be calling the emergency services and avoid further damage or human suffering. Or it could be ignoring the alarm and if possible isolating the fire event in order to prevent the entire operation to close down and run into costs.

araani ebr

Video analytics pioneer

Araani has its roots in companies that have pioneered the video analytics industry. The expertise and years of experience of Araani's founders have resulted in a rock-solid video analytics solution for high-risk and high-impact environments.

Araani is based in Kortrijk, Belgium. In 2014, the company was rewarded by Axis Communications as project winner in the Axis Application Development Partner Program for its Video Smoke Detection product SmokeCatcher.